Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Good for Arizona!

I for one am glad to see Arizona enact their new legislation regarding illegal aliens. It's about time someone did something to crack down on the problem instead of just giving it lip service. The new Arizona law basically just supports law enforcement doing the job they are suppose to be doing under existing federal guidelines and yet we see the administration calling the legislation misguided and racist. This coming from people who didn't even take the time to read the 12 pages of legislation that made up the bill! As the governor of Arizona was quoted as saying "If the federal government would do their job regarding these matters we would not have to enact this legislation (I am paraphrasing the comments, but that was the basic content of it)". She was right! The federal government has been AWOL on this issue for a long time! They have put band aids on issues that require stitches! They have put corks in issues that require turning off large valves and building dams! They have simply not done enough and continue to stall efforts at fixing the problem.

When we read reports that drug cartels are maintaining lookout posts in the Arizona mountains to help facilitate drug and human trafficking we have serious problems! When Arizona and the other border states are having the Mexican drug cartels infiltrate and operate out of their areas , we have a major problem! It's about time someone did something about the issue! Now we have groups calling for boycotts of Arizona because they dared to do something about the issue. How dare Arizona try and combat an ongoing problem that the federal government does little to resolve. People who don't even read the bill are jumping on it claiming it's racist and discriminatory. Perhaps if we didn't have millions of illegals in the country disregarding our laws then it wouldn't be an issue. The Mexican president came out against the law saying it was unjust but his country is much harder on illegals then ours! Personally , on an emotional level I have to say , Fuck him and the horse he rode in on ! Who is he to accuse Arizona of injustice when his own country is harder on people who enter his country illegally! I think we should hold the Mexicans entering this county illegally to the same standards they use in their own country! Just because Mexico is so corrupt that they can't generate decent jobs for their citizens and relied on dollars sent from our country isn't an excuse for him to enact a double standard regarding immigration!

What do we get from our own administration? Basically we get more bullshit pushing for amnesty instead of enforcement. We get the US Attorney General talking shit about Arizona without even taking time to read a measly 12 pages of legislation before commenting on it! The folks in Washington will ram threw over 2000 pages of a health care bill that is going to possibly increase health care costs tremendously without reading it so why bother reading 12 pages of well crafted , thought out legislation! This is bullshit on a major scale! What happened to the fence we were promised? That seems to be a dead issue now. Why can't we have reasonable enforcement of existing immigration polices that are already on the books? Arizona should not have had to write a law basically saying it is OK and required for the police to enforce the laws that are on the books!

I say good for the legislators of Arizona for addressing an ongoing issue that plagues our country! I fully support the people of Arizona in their struggle to bring some order out of the chaos caused by the illegal flow of drugs and people into our country. To the detractors of the legislation that Arizona had to enact I say piss off! It's not racist to want existing laws enforced. Just because millions of Mexicans decide to ignore U.S. law doesn't mean they have a right to. If you were caught as in illegal in Mexico you would be fined, jailed , and then deported! So why do you think Mexicans and OTM's have a right to come here and ignore the laws of the United States?

I don't have a problem with anyone who immigrates to this country legally. We are a nation built on immigrants. I believe in the concept of the melting pot but we don't need the continued flood of illegals across our southern border. We don't need politicians who try to please illegals in hopes of securing future votes. We need more actions like we have seen by the legislators of Arizona! We need to enforce existing laws rather then enacting new ones. The only law I would personally like to see changed is the anchor baby provision where illegals can come up here, give birth and then suck off the welfare system because their child is automatically a US citizens. This is a law that is abused big time!

You see a lot of celebrities crying for boycotts but they often jump into issues to sell their product and to look PC. Are these same celebrities looking at all sides of the issue or are they just pushing a liberal agenda regardless of facts. I can understand and appreciate the concern for civil rights violations. I'm big on civil rights, but where is the liberal outrage over issues like the Bill of Rights being dismantled by the Patriot act and the Military commissions act now that Obama is in office? He has the ability to undo this misstep but has he? No he hasn't! How about unwarranted wiretaps? He hasn't done anything about that either! Why is everyone who supports tougher border enforcement branded a racist regardless if they are or not? It's sad and comical that the left wingers drop all regard for much of the same issues they cried about when Bush was in office but it's fine when Obama follows the same policies and does nothing to correct the situation. In many ways those issues are now getting worse because they are getting more entrenched and accepted. Where is the liberal outrage over those issues... Oh yeah , that's right... it's now directed to the Arizona issue and they have seemed to forget about the civil rights issues that affect every single person in this country! It's amazing how short the liberal attention span is at times! It's OK for the case against the Black Panthers who did voter intimidation to be thrown out but if it had been people in white sheets and pointy dunce hats doing it the issue would not have been dropped would it!? Personally, I won't be boycotting Arizona! If the state of California (Who is being crushed with financial burden from illegals) wants to , that's fine. If celebrities want to support a boycott.. that's their right! Just don't call me a racist just because I support secure borders, legal immigration and sound immigration policies! I consider myself a child of the dream, I judge people by the quality of their character, not the color of their skin. I don't believe in pigeon holing people into categories! Why is it that the supposed open minded liberals are so quick to categorize others who might disagree with their opinion?

Friday, June 25, 2010

I miss the Edge radio

Since the Edge radio program went silent I have been reduced to listening to the talk radio programs on 880. It has reinforced my convictions that I miss the Edge and the alternative programs it broadcasted. I have always looked at a multitude of sorces of information to get a picture of what is going on in the world. The programing on 880 is the Fox feed of Limbauh , Hanity, Laura and Beck. They also carry voices of Montana which is one of the better offerings they broadcast. The formentioned programs on the Fox feed definatly have a right wing/conservative/ neo conservative slant. Though I agree with some of the view points they put out I realize they are primarily driven with the intention of putting the republicans back in power. Not everything in the world is Obamas fault as they would have you belive. I'm no Obama fan but it is important to realize the Republicrates have been walking lockstep together , slowly stripping away our freedoms and liberities for years. This is not a left verses right issue, it's a slow errosion of liberties that is being orcistrated by the few at the top of the finacial food chain to insure power over the many by the few. Those right wing pundants are just as guilty of pushing this country towards restricted freedoms as the left wing people we have in power currently in Washinton and that have a death grip on the mass media. The concept of divide and conqure is blatant in the broadcasts from the left and the right. Where is the middle ground represented? Why must everything be black and white when the many shades of grey represent the majority so much better then the hard views put forth for mass consumption. I sometimes wonder why liberals call into a program like Hannity when all he does is the equivalent on putting his hands over his ears and yelling "na, na, na, na , na, na , na , I'm not listening" and then cut them off as he has rudely been talking over them trying to make a point. Don't they realise they are only being allowed on the air to provide liberal fodder for him to shoot like fish in a barrel. Hannity doesnt want discussion, he wants to tell you what to think. The man is basically a right wing shill! The left is no better! Where is the middle ground represented? At least on Johns old program he would let a desenting oppinion be voiced if put forth in an inteligent manner so a legitamate discussion could be had. That's one of the reasons I miss the edge! I also liked the alternative programs that it offered, though, one needed to take those with a grain of salt as well. Like all media you need to look from all sides to get to the heart of the matter. Just because something goes against the grain doesnt mean it's incorrect and just because it fits your current mind set doesnt mean it shouldnt be concidered. It pays to keep an open mind and heart in matters. I appreachiated Johns attitude of "don't take my word about it , do your own research and decide for yourself." The edge gave the Flathead valley a good public forum to discuse the issues around us. I miss that! Besides , I found it to be entertaining radio. It saddens me to flip the button to the sound of static at 600am. I still miss the edge and what it had to offer the valley.
Until next time
Lasco X

Post note: 6-30-10
I went to the Edge website today only to find it was not there. Not a good sign! I hope all is well with John and Pam.