Monday, January 21, 2013

Today was the public inageration of Barrack Obama for his second term. I will be honest and say that I didn't vote for him. Why? Well for several reasons. First let me say that as President I do honor and respect the office that he holds and recognise him as our President. I was not impressed by his first term , at all. Granted he did have a rough start and was handed a bad situation from the previous administration. We certainly heard enough blame casting from him and the rest of the Democrates over the past four years about how it was all Bushes fault. The problem was is that it wasn't all Bushes fault! The Democrates played thier fair share in leading us down the road to ruin with action like pork filled bills and pressing Fannie and Freddie to guarintee loans to people who simply couldn't afford the over priced houses that the realtors and bankers were pushing them into. Yes, thats right , they were pushing them into them. I know , you might be saying that nobody forced people into buying more house then they could really afford but they certainly weren't stopping them. They were gladly writing loans where people would be spending 40 - 50% of thier income on a house instead of the old standard of 25% that held a good standard and provided resaonable security for the nations finacial system for decades. They did it out of greed , plain and simple. They weren't worried because the banks were then flipping loans over to fannie and freddie and selling them as unsecured holdings. Basially , the banks weren't worried they were going to have people defaulting because they weren't going to be holding the bag. Both Democrates and Republican law makers set up this with deregulations in the banking industry. Then look what happened when the house of cards came crashing down , it was the bankers that caused the issue that got to be bailed out. But I degress. Let me just say , at this point in time , Barrack Obama owns the economy and its high time he stops blaming Bush. Another reason I wasn't impressed by his first term , The National Budget! I should say the lack of a budget! Its no wonder they just want to keep raising the debt ceiling because obviously they have no clue how to put out a budget and to stick within it. Sure we have to pay our bills we have already incured but hey , how about at least making a workable budget that actually cuts spending and stop borrowing money! The national debt is our biggest security threat but nobody in Washington , exspecially on the Democratic side seems to see it that way! Borrow and spend , raise the debt limit and borrow and spend some more! Get fucking real! This is insanity to keep going down this path! Reason Three, The continuing deterioration of civil rights and the dismanteling of the Bill of Rights. You would think that a president that specialized in Constitutional law would know better but under his last term the President not only continued the march down the path to a police state he accelerated it. Don't get me wrong, I am not soft on National security and belive in a good and just Judicial system but yesterday I watched a video of a pregnant lady that was pulled over for talking on a cell phone. She was thrown to the ground and then hog tied laying on her belly. There was six cops involved! Six cops to deal with a pregnant woman who wasn't resisting arrest! I'm surprised they didn't break out thier nightsticks and go Rodney King on her dangeous ass! I'm sorry but what the fuck is going on with our country! It's time for Andy (the american people) to take Barneys bullit away! I am glad the woman got a 250,000$ settelment out of the cops but personally I would have asked for 10X's that and only settled for that amount if all the cops involved in the incident were fired! (no cops in the incident were fired by the way) Throw in the unconstitutional Orwellin spying on the american populus and you have to wonder what the hell is going on in the USA today. I wonder if the cops and security forces even realize they are being used as tools of the 1% of elites to controll the masses for thier own greedy aims? It's a sad day in America when the people have to worry more about being terrorized by thier own government then actual terrorists! Reason four that I was disapointed in the first term was all the time spent on Obama care. I am not saying that our heath care system doesnt need overhauling but prior to Obama coming into office I had health insurance! Now I don't and despite the Affordable health care act I simply can't afford it! Hell, I am struggling to find steady work and pay my bills! To quote Carvill in the Clinton years... "It the economy stupid!" It still is the economy! The ABC pole done today prior to the inageration had the economy at the top of peoples list and the national debt as second. How much effort will be spent on that this time. In his speech today there was talk about global warming (not enough room today to even go into that BS today) , civil rights and immigration reform. To me that translated to .. We are going to tax you for hot air , pander to the gay community and open our borders for illegls. I hope I am wrong about that but what I want to see is the economy fixed and the budget balanced! Before I am labled as a racist homophobe I will say I am a libertarian who belives that the government should stay out of the bedroom, I belive that all men (and women) are created equal and that our planet has warmed and cooled many times in history. Yes we need some imigration reform but we don't need to just open the doors for anyone and create an enviorment that actually encorages more people flooding across our boarders as "Undocumented aliens". As far as civil rights goes we made some of our greatest strides under the Clinton years when the economy was doing well and people weren't blaming each other for thier problems because there was economic oppertunitys for all. The last thing we need is more wasted time on micro mannaging issues that would be corrected just by fixing the economy. If Obama wants to impress me (which I know he doesn't), I want to see him fix the economy , adjust the tax system to promote manufacturing here in the USA and to create more domestic job oppertunities , Put the teeth back into the Bill of Rights and to Ballance the Budget starting by actually putting out a budget to work from. I am not overly optamistic that he will do any of those things but we will see. As Romney said in his speech at the convention, "I wanted him to do well so the country would do well in the process." My best advise going into the next four years would be to plan for the worst and hope for the best. Don't expect for government aid to be there in a disaster , it might not be available and in all reality it won't be there in time. Stock up on food , save your money and be prepared to protect your family and help your neighbors the best you can. Until next time, Lasco X.