Friday, May 24, 2013

Should we really be surprised?

It's been a while since I wrote last. Fortunately China got N. Korea back on the short leash and war in that neck of the woods was adverted. I'm sure we will hear from Little Kim's regime again at some point but for now things have calmed down there for the time being. It's time to look at the domestic scene in the USA once again. Looking at the recent news reports is discouraging but as the title of this post states... Should we really be surprised? The reports I am talking about are the following subjects. I am only going to hit on the broad strokes as there is plenty of news coverage to reference and I am looking more at the big picture. First up, apparently the IRS has been targeting conservative groups by slowing down their applications for tax exempt status and green lighting progressive (liberal) groups quickly. More over this was all going on prior to the last elections and was hidden from congress and the public. I guess that's one way to help ensure that the re-election of Obama took place. That isn't surprising as most the media is extremely liberal in their slant when reporting. The exception to that rule is talk radio , in that area the conservatives rule the airwaves. Maybe that is getting reported more now that another major headline broke that several reporters had their emails accessed and phones records pulled. Warrantless wiretapping has been going on for far to long in the name of "protecting our freedoms and keeping us safe" Now maybe the liberal media will pull their heads out of their asses and start being a little more vigilant about our civil liberties. The justice department is justifying this action because they were searching for leaks. Somehow I don't think they were looking for the leaks that made Obama look good like when all the Bin Laden stuff came out. Another headline lately is Benghazi items are coming back up. The democrats blame it on the republicans trying to make things look bad and affect the 2014 elections but lets get serious. Day after day right after the 9-11-2012 attack on the embassy we were repeatedly told it was due to a video on You tube and not related to terrorism. Nothing could have been farther from the truth but that was the story the administration was force feeding us. Now after the elections are over and Kathy Crowley's lopsided debate monitoring has faded in the distance with it's damage in the history books Benghazi might now actually get the investigation it deserves. The media seems to drag its feet when they want to help manipulate an outcome of events in the direction they desire. All of those headlines help demonstrate the hard push to the left that is using tactics that are deceptive in the least and outright illegal in the worst. Not the type of things expected from what was promised was going to be the "Most transparent administration in history" Hell, we haven't even been able to see Obama's collage transcripts and such as they were locked down and hidden away. Could that be due to the fact as the right wing conspiracy theorists claim that Barry Soetoro went to collage with aid grants to foreign students? I'm not saying that's accurate by any means but I do question why his stuff was locked up so quick after the election. The only thing I do know for a fact is that the media thrust Obama into office giving him rock star status and pushed style and image over substance. But then again , in this society that is materialistic and image conscious , should we really be surprised by that? Another thing I know is that the affordable health care act (or Obama care) is proving to be anything but "affordable"! Rates seem to be rising quickly and the systems are not in place to implement the plan that starts to take effect this coming year. That's what happens when you push threw legislation that "We have to pass to find out what's in it!" (Thanks ever so much Nancy Pelosi) It didn't matter that at least half the country didn't want it , that didn't matter. What I do know is that next year if I don't want to get fined on my taxes I need to buy health insurance I can't afford! We will have to see if things actually push threw on it in 2014 or if it will be pushed back due to the fact the systems aren't in place to implement the program. Also on the domestic front we now have the summer price increase in gas costs just in time for memorial day weekend. Prices have increased roughly 50 cents a gallon in the last two weeks for no other reason than they can raise them. Once again ... should we really be surprised. Hopefully the things I discussed will all come to light and the truth, the actual truth will see the light of day. Hopefully if people in charge used the power entrusted to them in a wrongful manner they will be held responsible for their actions. The American people deserve that. Until next time Lasco X