Friday, July 30, 2010

WTF, get the rubber boots , it's getting deep.

In my last rant I applauded Arizona for actually having the guts to do something about illegal immigration. Now we have a district judge basically gutting the intent of the bill. What was the intent... to protect the citizens of Arizona by enforcing existing federal law statutes. What the hell!?!? So let me get this straight... Arizona police are now not allowed to ask for immigration papers, even though federal law requires immigrants to carry them? Police in Arizona can't determine if a person is in the country illegally and enforce US law? I'm sorry .. but what the hell is with that? This is ridicules at best and criminal at worst! We also have word of the Obama administration talking about doing back door amnesty for illegals circumventing the legislative process. I guess the fact that most Americans are tired of the federal government doing nothing on the illegal immigration issue doesn't matter. I guess the people in power are thinking .. Hey , we will do something! We will appease the illegals and pick up a few more votes for us in the elections and to hell with the people who are here legally and are actual citizens. What kind of twisted nightmare scenario are we living in? So.. hows that hope and change thing going for you about now America? Unemployment is leveling off on job losses but are the jobs coming back? The ones that are appearing are with downgraded pay. (Don't worry, you don't need to make as much as you use to... after all you don't want that job at that wage and we have plenty of illegals..err.. future amnesty entitled citizens that will take that job just waiting in the pipeline. Don't you know illegals are just doing the jobs that Americans don't want to do! You really didn't want that decent paying job you use to have did you??) So much for the federal government doing their job, I guess what else is new. Maybe we can take all the red tape coming out of Washington D.C. and use it to build the border fence we were promised a few years ago!

What else do we have going on hmmm? Well it was recently reported the the SEC (Securities exchange commission) is not subject to the freedom of information act.This means that the shady dealings on Wallstreet and the lack of oversight by the SEC will never see the light of day. If you thought what happened in the past was bad just wait until next year since they no longer have to worry about things being brought to light. Weren't we promised the most transparent government ever by Obama and the likes of Nancy Palosi? Strangely enough , things just seem to be getting more and more opaque. Also in the recent legislation the Federal Reserve was given even more power. Here we have an agency that also is above scrutiny that is veiled from public view. It seems more and more power is being drawn into the shadows and consolidated away from the public. That isn't a good sign!

They finally capped the oil spill and so far it is holding. At least we have some good news though it will probably be bad for domestic oil production. I am all for promoting renewable resources, we should have been doing it since the 70's when the first big push for it started, but, we are still living in the oil age! We need to promote more domestic oil production. I have never seen an oil spill that big on land so maybe it is time we reconsider opening up drilling in Alaska and other parts of the lower 48 states. Also, make sure the protections that are suppose to be in place on the ocean rigs are actually on and operating on the ocean rigs. We need to make sure the skimmers are ready to go like they were suppose to be instead of having to scramble for them to contain the spill. Hopefully we will learn from these mistakes of the past few months. Unfortunately the human race is a greedy forgetful lot at times so I don't know what will actually happen. I hate to say that, but it does ring true much of the time. More often then not ,the masses chose to forget the past and are doomed to repeat it.

Also recently reported is that China is now officially the second largest economy as they have overtaken Japan. Never mind that the average yearly wage in China is only 4000$ a year or less. As marketers like Wallmart will tell you "It's all about volume". China in context is still a developing country with much of it's 1,330,141,295 population living in what would be considered backwards living standards. This is changing though as its urbanization comprised 43% of the country's population. China is still a rising power in the world scene. With a average age of 35 years old and a life expectancy of 75 years China is hitting a strong stride going into the new millennium.

Such a Rosy world we live in these days. The world is being pushed towards a common currency in the hopes of further power consolidation. This is being done by old strategies of Divide and conquer and From chaos comes order. One has to wonder at times how much is planned and how much just happens. It reminds me of the lyrics of the old Temptations song "Ball of confusion" - "run run run but you sure can't hide" The future is coming at us fast and what do we have ...we have idiots protesting Lindsy Lohan being jailed "unfairly"(their words not mine)for not complying with the court system rulings. I'm sorry she has to spend maybe 15% of her 90 day sentence but the people protesting this will be the first lemmings over the cliff as the world goes to hell. Hey! Natural selection does have some advantages! The smart and strong survive better then the ignorant and stupid do!

Oh well, keep your eyes open, your hearts in the right place and pantry stocked. The darkest before the dawn is still yet to come.

Until next time
Lasco X