Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Tip of the iceberg

Greetings from the eye of the holiday storm. Christmas is past us and New Years is bearing down upon us. I have to admit , this is not my favorite time of the year. The days are short, the pace is hectic leading up to Christmas and since I work outside a lot I find myself battling harsh conditions with limited light. The stress of Christmas around my home is typical and yet a little different. Christmas is my wife's absolute , favorite holiday! On the flip side , I don't really like to observe it as I don't view it as a legitimate Christian holiday. I haven't really observed it for at least 20 years now , though since I hooked up with my wife I have sort of celebrated it for the past decade. As you might of guessed I'm a happy holidays sort of guy. I know there is a lot of people that get pissed off about that sort of view, they tell me Jesus is the reason for the season so it's Christmas damn it! Well , I respectfully disagree with that.

Before I continue I should state that I consider myself a non-denominational Christian, I believe that Jesus was the word of God made flesh , sent to die for our sins to provide a loop-hole in the law so that mankind could be redeemed. For all have fallen short of the glory of God and without that sacrifice nobody could have been saved because all would have been condemned under the law. I also am a firm believer in freedom of religion and that everyone has a right to worship in the way they see fit as long as it does not violate others rights or well being. I respect others rights to their beliefs regardless of the fact that I might disagree with the principals or doctrines. Faith and beliefs are a highly personal thing and I don't think it is for me to impose my belief system on others so I respect others ideas be it Taoism, Buddhism ,Paganism ,Judaism , all the other ism's , Islam , Scientology. Hell , I even respect the rights for a Luciferian to worship who he wants , if someone wants to throw his lot in with the lame duck ruler of this world then I guess that's their prerogative.

So with that being said , I also believe in free speech so here is why I don't believe that Christmas is a legitimate Christian holiday. 1- It came into being when the holy roman empire was trying to bring pagans under the Christian banner. The pagans were semi willing sheep who were willing to adopt the new religion but would not give up the celebration of the winter solstice. This led to the holy roman empire slapping a Christian moniker on the festival to appease the pagan populace. (don't believe me , ask an objective atheist or a pagan, it is well documented) 2- Jesus was not born in December , check your bible , Joseph took his very pregnant wife Mary to Bethlehem to participate in the census that was taken at tax time. That would place the event somewhere around October to late November due to the fact that in ancient times taxes were collected when the harvest was brought in. Farmers paid their taxes with the fruits of their labors. 3-Almost all of the Christmas traditions have their roots in pagan traditions, the Christmas tree , yule log , mistletoe , 12 days of Christmas and even the mother and child concepts have pagan precursors.

Do these pagan roots and influences matter? We dedicate it to Christ so it must be OK right? It might make more of a difference than we realize .... to quote Jesus (quoting the old testament) "In vain do they worship me , teaching as doctrine the precepts of men" These days Christmas is a commercialized feel good event engineered to move product and generate wealth. I know there are a lot of people who would disagree with me. It is your right to believe what you want! You might not like what I'm saying but I'm not trying to bull shit you either. To me Christmas is a yearly reminder , the visible tip of the iceberg of something much more dangerous and menacing laying below the surface. It is a reminder of just how much Christianity has been hijacked and polluted by lies from the adversary. Most people at this point will say , no way ! Christianity is sound and good. To that I say that God put his warning into the bible to let us know what would happen - Revelations 12:15 -"The serpent poured water like a river out of his mouth after the woman(in biblical prophecy a woman represents a church), to sweep her away with the flood." To me I see this as Satan sending forth a flood of disinformation to dilute the message and power of the true Church and doctrines that Jesus (the Christ) preached. I firmly belief that Satan knew he could not stop the Word of God from getting out to the people, so he did the only thing he could , try and water down the message , distort the truth and try and sway people into believing a counterfeit doctrine designed to pull people away from God.

So it wasn't the Christmas message you might have expected, but , it's one worth concidering. I'm not trying to sell anyone anything and you have the right to belive what you want. The iceberg is to massive to deal in greater detail with now, but be warned , it is there!

So for now I will wish you a happy and prosperous New Year. Be safe and don't drive drunk. Life is to precious and worth living to cut it short with careless driving. I hope the new year sees the Edge back on the air waves again. I hope the new year gets better but it is always best to plan for the worst and hope for the best.
Until next year
Lasco X

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Copenhagen Climate Summit aka A lot of hot air

I admit it. I am an unabashed, unashamed global warming skeptic. I won't deny that for a period of time we were in a warming cycle. The planet has been warming since the last ice age. The planet warms and cools in natural cycles and man in my opinion has a minuscule impact on controlling the planets temperature. I consider myself to be a reasonable environmentalist. I can see the logic in reducing pollution and recycling. I have always thought that clear cutting trees was irresponsible and a blatant rape of the land. I also believe that forest management and logging that is respectful to the environment is a necessary part of life. I make a living building houses and buildings so believe me I'm not naive, wood is a necessary part of life and it has to come from somewhere. The concept of renewable energy has always been a good idea in my book. I lived threw the energy crisis back in the 70's and think it was stupid of us not to embrace the concept sooner.

So now we have the Copenhagen Climate Summit starting up this week. Delegates from around the world will come together in a massive display of concerted propaganda based on doctored data. Fortunately it has already been admitted by the planners of the conference that not a whole lot is really going to come out of this demonstration. Naturally Al Gore is saying that the measures proposed by the conference will not be enough. Personally as far as Al Gore is concerned I have a hard time listening to him preach to us about being responsible to the environment when he has a carbon footprint 20 - 30 times larger than the average person. It often seems that the wheel that squeaks the loudest consumes the most grease. I don't hate the guy, he has done some good things, but his film an "inconvenient truth" had several errors that he has yet to correct or even really acknowledge. The recent climategate info hack reveled manipulations in the data to prove the presupposed results. Naturally the scientists involved are saying that this doesn't change anything, it doesn't matter that the data was manipulated?! I guess the old saying is true... If you tell a lie enough times people will think it is the truth.

Currently on the Drudge report they have a link to an article written by Gary Suttom entitled "The fiction of climate science" It's a good read and talks about how in the 70's the big rage out of the science community was the coming ice age. I remember the headlines back then and the hype for global warming is very similar to back then. Personally I have to applaud the hacker that exposed the doctored data conspiracy. Maybe now we can have an honest debate and an objective look at the impact we are having on the planet.

I believe in reasonable , responsible science. I just question if we are really getting it. To me chemtrails and weather manipulation science is dangerous territory. Much like what we see from the big pharmaceutical companies, quite often, the cure is worse than the disease.

I am all in favor of limiting harmful chemicals getting into our water, earth and air. It's just that the last time I checked the stuff we exhale , Carbon dioxide, wasn't a bad thing. Plants seem to love the stuff. Let's just hope that our scientists get back to basics and study as Joe Friday from Dragnet often said "Just the facts"

Until next time
Lasco X

post note: The New York Post has an artical on Drudge Report stating that to get all the Delegates to the confrence and entertain them will generate 40,000 tons of carbon or the equivalant of what 30 of the smaller countries on the planet generate in a day.