Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Sky is falling (or WTF with the scare tactics)

Back in 2011 the republicans agreed with a plan put forth by the White house and gave Obama a free pass to raise the debt limit 3 times without congressional approval. This allowed him to get a free pass threw the 2012 election season. It almost ensured his re-election as the fact that not having to address the exploding deficet was a hidden issue. The sequester demanded across the board budget cuts if nothing was done to fix the problem. Now as we near the deadline that has already been pushed back once already, nothing has been done. The responce from the Whitehouse was to try and shift blame on to the Republicains for forcing this sequester on the American people. This past week we have had a number of people coming forward saying basically the sky is falling! If we belive what is being said ,is that Immigrants will flood into the country and we won't be able to controll it. (Like that hasn't been happening already and the recent policys have been inviting them in anyway with all the talks of a posible amnisty deal on the table). Our military won't be able to protect us properly (even though the cuts to the military would only take us down to the levels spent in 2007 when we were actively fighting two wars in Iraq and Afganistan). Also we might have terrorist attacks due to security screanings being slowed down due to lack of screeners on duty (Never mind the fact that the Chinese are already waging an economic and cyber war directed at us and companies with deep ties to the chinese government already have the contracts that handle shipping into some of the countries busiest ports.) I guess we are suppose to be scared into just giving the politicians an open checkbook and another credit card or ten with no spending limit imposed on them. This is truely getting insane as we keep spending more then we can afford. The Democrates keep spouting thier mantra of we will fix the issue raising the taxes on the rich. The Republicains keep digging in thier heels on no new taxes. It's obvious to anyone with common sence that to fix this issue there has to be moderate tax increases and major spending cuts. Most of the spending cuts could come from wasteful pork programs that we really don't need and purging millions of illegal aliens from the social wealfare programs that they are not entitled to in the first place. We already spend more on the military budget than most counties combined so is a modest cut in the budget to trim the fat really going to jepordize us that badly. Isn't the raising debt to China a bigger threat then modest budget cuts. Currently the Chinese are buying up valuble infrastructure and land with the money we are paying them in intrest. You can't really blame them since our government is paying them off with increasingly devalued dollars that are printed from thin air. What most people don't realize is that the second attack stratagem by Sun Tzu states... Hence to fight and conquer in all your battles is not supreme, excellence consists in breaking the enemy's resistance without fighting. The six stratagem states... Therefore the skilful leader subdues the enemys troops without any fighting : he captures thier cities without laying siege to them: he overthrows thier kingdom without lenghty operations in the field. The seventh states.... With his forces intact he will dispute the mastery of the empire and thus without losing a man, his triumph will be complete. This is the method of attacking by stratagem. The point of this being our growing debt is far more grave then a modest cut in military spending since we are slowly being undermined economically anyway. Besides, I think the military industrial complex has profited plenty over the past couple of decades so they can afford to man up and make a little less to ensure the longevity of this great nation! I am by no means advocating gutting our military by any means. I am big on national defence but we don't need out of controlled spending and the military has plenty of fat to be trimmed as does our entitlment programs. Why should immigrants get benefits to move here and start businesses that our own citizens can't get? I realize we are a nation of immigrants but we should not be enabling cultures to be moving here and not assimilate into society. We also need to reform the tax codes to promote manufacturing back here on american soil instead of rewarding companies that take the work off shore. The assault on the american economy has been going on since the 70's and we have become numb to it. The unions in the mean time have hurt us as much as they have helped. As much good as they have done with things like 40 hour work weeks and overtime pay , work place safety and workers rights have been offset with things such as corruption in the union leadership , wage greed making us uncompetative in the world market and false security as retirement benefits are pilfered to bribe..(I guess they call it lobbying and political donations) to influance government. We need to work together to fix our nations problems but to easily we are subjected to divide and conqure tactics that stall any real progress towards fixing the issues this country suffers from. To be honest, most people are sheep and don't pay attention to such matters. They like to bitch and lay blame without looking in the mirror first. They don't look at the reasons that effect the world economy and worse than that thier attention span is severly limited when it comes to world politics. We have a good reason to be worried about the future but we don't need scare tactics pushed on us by an adminitstration that has repeatedly failed to present a budget to congress! Why should we keep letting the rampant spending to continue with more taxes without budget constraints and cutting the fat that in reality only feeds the few at the exspence of the many? Why should former congressman get massive salarys for life when they helped drive our economy into the toilet with inaction and sometimes down right corrupt actions? Thier pay and benefits arent effected by the sequester - Isn't that some shit! The middle class is slowly getting squeezed out of existance and it needs to stop concidering it is the backbone of our society. It's time for our so called leaders to stop the retoric and scare tactics and roll up thier sleaves , find common ground and fix the issues our country faces. But thats just my opinion. Until next time - be safe and stay awake to the world around you. Lasco X