Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy Birthday America , to bad your representation in Washington doesn't give a crap.

 As the post's title implies , I am not a happy camper this morning. The 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays as it celebrates the birth of one of the greatest nations to grace the face of the planet. What makes America great is the freedoms we have and the diversity of peoples that inhabit it. I am not against immigration , this nation is a nation of immigrants and the wide range of cultures we have has contributed to its greatness.
  Currently though , we do have a problem with wide spread illegal immigration. Basically , the flooding of people across our southern border.  Much of this latest flood has been caused by our so called leaders in Washington DC total disregard for our nations laws. This country has laws regarding immigration that should work if enforced. The problem is , they have not been enforced and in fact the Obama administration had been keeping ICE officials at bay, in effect telling them to just not do their job and enforce the laws that are there to help protect this country.
  If you think that is an over statement consider that most of the 9-11 hijackers were in this country illegally and past their visa limits , had they been located back then and kicked out of the country we might not have had the tragedy of Sept. 11th .
 So what does that have to do with protecting this country from the current wave of immigrants?   After all , aren't they just children coming from harsh areas? Lets just ignore our laws ... do it for the children!  Yeah , RIGHT! That's the oldest and lamest trick in the book and yet people are falling for it hook line and sinker!
   It's been reported that not only are the people streaming in across our southern border show a blatant disregard for our laws they actually expect us to just take care of them once they get across the line. We also have obvious gang members in the ranks coming with the current wave. These are people  who will have no regard for our laws once they infiltrate into society. Along with the lawlessness of some, we have people coming in carrying diseases that are communicable. That in it's self is a national health risk. Then there is the issue of the financial burden dealing with this engineered mess. And yes , it has been engineered! Our politicians have basically invited them in with their lame self serving policies as they talked amnesty (in the form of immigration reform) . And why were they doing that, in part I admit our immigration policies could use a little reform but had the laws been enforced all along then we would not have had the issues causing the problems that need to be fixed in the first place. The politicians mainly have been talking reform to get the Latino vote! Its primarily been the Democrats doing it but the Republicans are guilty of this pandering as well.
 It never fails , the politicians talk reform /amnesty and there is a wave of people at the border flooding in. It's bullshit and the people in Washington should know it , they are suppose to be smart but to often they are just vote mongering leaches who are more concerned with getting re-elected and keeping a job that in their eyes elevates them above the little / common people.
 We have  Pelosi talking that we should use it as an opportunity to help all gods children. But, she apparently doesn't care about the unborn gods children that she is so willing to abort at the drop of a hat now is she? On that issue she is all about a woman's right to chose over "God's Children".
 We have Sheila Jackson Lee bringing lollypops to the kids and saying they pose no threat ... lets just ignore the economic impact , the diseases some carry or the fact that people are renting kids to get into the country by pretending they are families just so they can get into the country and the fact that some have gang affiliations.
  The simple fact is we have a lot of politicians in Washington DC right now that aren't doing their jobs and should not have the honor and privilege of representing us simply because they aren't representing us. They are pandering to special interest groups and catering to people who are not even in the country legally and have no intention of respecting our laws to begin with.

  So Happy Birthday America, In my opinion you deserve better than the leaders you currently have. This is an election year , don't forget to get rid of the people in government that don't represent you and pander to people they shouldn't!
    Until next time

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Enough is enough!

I've been busy as of late so I haven't posted anything, but recent activities have prompted me to come back and comment. The subject matter is the careless disregard of law by our so called leaders in Washington D.C. I know the laundry list of the stuff they disregard daily is a long one but this one has been on the front burner for a while now and has resulted in really bad consequences. What I am referring to is the pandering to the Latino community by Washington in a quest for votes, no matter if the voters should even be in the county or not. Personally I find it rather disgusting that so many of the politicians have basically been pushing for amnesty for illegal aliens. This is the same crap they pushed threw back in the 80's and promised us they would secure the borders. That didn't happen and even more poured into the country.
  Now Obama took it upon himself to loosen the laws and hobble the immigration enforcement that is the protection for our country and what are we getting ? More illegals , some just children pouring into the country and being dumped into Arizona. Why Arizona? Simply because it was the one border state to stand up and say this is bull shit , we should do something about this problem! So to punish them they are getting the problem that this administration has caused dumped on them. I have news for everyone , Arizona had it right ! We need to stop illegal immigration!
  I realize that the administration isn't the only one to blame, the Democrats and Republican's have both been pandering to the illegals and Latinos hunting votes. It's typical Washington Bull Shit , they say to hell with the people they are suppose to represent and tow the PC line to get the big money donations. It boils down to Big money wanting cheep labor and destroying the middle class. The economic divide has been widening for years because of the upper class greed that wants more and more and more . Fuck the little guy , they don't matter , They just want more .. hell they want it all ! At least that seems to be the attitude they have.
     I saw the quest for a better bottom line using illegals back when I was building for one of the largest home builders in the country. Upper management turned a blind eye to using illegals in the interest of profit. They had their legal loop holes to get by the rules , basically hire a legal immigrant to hire all the other illegals and they all make money. Cut out of the loop though was all the indigenous workers who were out of work due to artificially deflated labor costs that illegals caused. And the old line .. "they are only doing the jobs Americans don't want to do" is total bull shit! When you hear that just insert the line " They are doing the jobs Americans can't do for that price because they paying shit loads of taxes and have a family and a mortgage to support, also the dollar doesn't go as far here as it does south of the border which is where a lot of the money they make goes!"
  I understand why people want to come to America , Believe me , I get it. But what the politicians don't tell you as they preach tolerance to the illegal's is the crime and lawlessness that also comes with them . Groups like MS13 are spreading threw out the country bringing drugs and violence with them.  
 A look over the southern border at the drug lords there show what is slowly creeping this way. Opening the floodgates like the politicians are doing is like rolling out the welcome mat to them. Is that what we want in the U.S.A.? I don't think so! But Obama , the bleeding heart liberals and the vote grubbing politicians on both sides of the isle are sure willing to turn a blind eye to the dark side of illegal immigration. Personally I am voting against any politician that supports amnesty, and I urge everyone else to do the same. We need less career politicians that pander to special interest groups and more actual representation up in Washington.
Until next time

Friday, December 20, 2013

An open letter to A&E network

The following is a letter I wrote to the A&E network regarding the suspension of Phil Robertson , of Duck dynasty fame..... To Whom it may concern, I find the recent suspension of Phil Robertson to be a bit of an outrage. While A&E network might champion the GLTG agenda it obviously doesn't champion free speech or traditional Christian values. I have gay friends and relatives so I am not some gay bashing Christian writing to you. I in fact think the Christian community has been very tolerant to the GLTG community in recent history. I did not find Robertson's comments to be that offensive and in fact got a chuckle out of his statement. In line with traditional Christian values , based on passages from the Bible , his comments were spot on. He was not pronouncing judgment on the GLTG community , merely stating his own beliefs on the subject. There in lays the issue as it seems that free speech is only allowed by the A&E network when it conforms to a politically correct agenda. Or to put it another way, A&E network believes in free speech only when it is something that benefits the GLTG community or the beliefs of the management of A&E. A&E seems to be fine with pushing things like glorifying serial murderers down Americas throats with Bates motel and Bonny and Clyde but if one of their show's stars comment on his own faith based views in a magazine article you suspend them for exercising their 1st amendment rights to free speech? Even many prominent members of the GLTG community are now coming out and crying foul on this action! If A&E wants to limit the free speech of Christians , which are still a major consumer market factor in favor of a few ,small but vocal percentage of the population in the GLTG community then quite frankly I hope you lose your highest rated show as well as most of your viewership in general ! This is just another prime example of the so called "liberal " community showing just how un-liberal and close minded they actually are. Free speech applies to everyone or no one at all ! Personally, because of the actions of the A&E network in limiting the free speech of Robertson I for one am going to stop watching all A&E programing! I get a little tired of the agenda of the GLTG community constantly being forced on us anyway. I don't harbor any ill will against the GLTG community and as I stated , I have friends and relatives in the GLTG community. I tolerate and in some instances even support the agenda of the GLTG community , especially when it comes to fair treatment and free speech for all individuals regardless of race , creed , gender or sexual orientation. The actions though of the A&E network are a knee jerk reaction to pandering to the GLTG community and in doing so you are limiting the free speech of all Americans! That I cannot, and will not support. There is plenty of other programming on other networks to watch. In closing , A&E can go on pandering to a small but vocal percentage of the population if you want to. In the mean time myself and millions of other Americans will be passing over your network in favor of other broadcasters that don't limit the free speech of Christians. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I would urge anyone else to write to the A&E network and express their opinions of the censorship they are doing in regards to Phil Robertson. As I said in the letter to them , we have free speech for everyone or no one at all .... I will chose free speech for everyone every day of the week! Lasco X

Saturday, December 14, 2013

The World We Live In

The world we live in is a very dangerous place and getting more dangerous everyday. Not only do we have to deal with the daily grind of sustenance and making ends meet we also have greater menaces on the horizon. Most people in the world don't pay attention to what goes on daily on the world political stage. Many just would rather stick their heads in the sand and ignore what is going on around them but that is a good way to be buried by the shifting sands around them. So before the year ends a few observations looking around the world landscape are in order. The global dynamic is in flux right now as we have come threw some very rough years in the recent past. I don't expect them to get much smoother in the near future. Here in the USA we are battling threw a rough patch in our economic history. It started long before the crash of 2008. It actually started with the slow gutting of our manufacturing base back in the 70's when off shoring became the corporate rage, continued threw the greed of the "Me" generation of the 80's and well in threw the 90's where we had a bit of a turn around but the economy was mainly churning on the construction industry and a fragile housing bubble that would finally pop late in 2008. During the years after the Soviet Union collapsed after many failed years of communistic oppression, the media touted the USA as the worlds only super power. That was an assertion I never really put much stock in. I felt that it was an egocentric and simplistic view of the world. Yes, the USA was in a position of preeminence but Neo-hawkish players sort of pissed away any good will this country could have gained during that period. The USA ended up getting bogged down in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars which was very profitable for the military industrial complex but did little to rebuild the economic engine within our own borders. That rebuilding was something that was sorely needed. During that time from the 70's until now, more and more production was off shored to countries like China that was able to provide extremely cheep labor , sometimes by using forced labor to accomplish their goals. Also they were able to do lower pricing due to the fact they were not constrained to the same environmental regulations that manufacturing is governed by inside the USA. This gave them a distinct economic edge but has cost them severely in the quality of life as many of them now live in tight , highly polluted areas. Greed from the upper levels of American corporate management willingly fueled this switch to off shore production and in turn left millions of middle class Americans out of work and left only with low paying service oriented jobs to get by on. This has fueled one of the greatest divides between the rich and the poor not seen since the turn of the last century in the USA. It's funny how things seem to keep just going around in circles and ending up a little futher down the road but seemingly back to where it was before. America is going to have to make some fundamental changes to fix it's economic issues , but that's a topic for another day. Looking beyond Americas borders we can see what China has been doing with all that money they have made manufacturing the goods of the world. They are simultaneously buying American resources and businesses while at the same time building up their military to challenge America in the pacific and eventually the whole world. Little is being done to counter this build up at the moment as the USA is hamstrung by its own ignorance and excessive spending practices. The USA and China are intergraded trading partners but even among friends and acquaintances disagreements can occur. If this were to ever happen between these to major world players the effects would be devastating for the whole world. Lets Not forget Russia , who is building up their own military and is led by Putin who is old school KGB. Granted he has a more friendly fa├žade on him these days but there is no mistaking the structure beneath the outward appearance. Does this make him Americas enemy? Not necessarily but it does mean we need to proceed with caution. I am sure Putin does what he does, for what he see's as what is best for Russia, In all honesty though I sincerely question how free the elections over there have actually been since he was elected. I don't think you will see Putin out of Russia's political future as long as he is alive. It does provide a stabilizing force for Russian politics but doesn't provide for good democratic processes there. Meanwhile over in the western side of the Eurasian land mass lays the European Union. The past few years have been some turbulent times over there. The fact they have not imploded by now is a testament to them given the growing pains they have shown over the past decade. Europe's role in world affairs should not be minimized by any means as I see them to still be a major factor on the world scene. Then we have the middle eastern region that continues to simmer with discontent. The whole region has been destabilized over the past couple of years... Iraq , Afghanistan, Egypt , Libya, Syria all are simmering... throw in Iran's unstable relationship with the west, their on going nuclear program and their fierce hatred of the Israeli government and you have a fuse that could cause that whole region to explode if sparked. Spilling over on the side lines of that region is Pakistan and another dark horse player India. These two factions have issues with each other as well and help to up the tensions on the world scene. They have been relatively quiet the past few years but things have not been forgave and forgotten between the two. In Africa , the region is plagued by warlords, unstable governments and ongoing food issues. The food issues while fueled by occasional environmental issues are magnified by the power-plays and greedy interests of the few at the cost of the many. In South America the issues have been economic as well as political. They have been ongoing and developing over the recent past but the region has remained relatively stable given the issues that continent has faced. The areas in between these major hot spots have been relatively quiet. There is some issues like the ongoing power struggles in Mexico that has turned that country into a war zone between the opposing warring drug lords and the government. Hopefully they will get their act together but in the meantime I personally am still all in favor of shutting down the southern border of the USA and closing the leaks that can let the violence down there spill into the north. Given all that when I look around at the end of 2013 , I stand by my statement .... The world we live in is a very dangerous place and getting more dangerous everyday. I am not a pessimist by any means. North Korea has calmed their act down a bit , though they are not a country I don't keep a watchful eye on giving their past history of hostile rhetoric. The middle east did not go completely crazy this past year and hopefully won't in the year to come. There has been a small economic up-tick world wide that will in all luck will continue. The best thing for peace on the planet is when we are all working and trading goods and services. It links us together and gives us a common bond. It also helps feed the planets population while advancing all humanity further along. The greatness of humanity will only truly be realized when we get over our differences and start working towards common goals that benefit everyone. Unfortunately though it is generally a few greedy souls that mess it up for the mass of humanity that just want to live and let live. As we end 2013 it is my sincerest hope that in 2014 ,we will see cooler heads prevail. So , as this year comes to an end and we start a new calendar year I will leave this post with the thought...... May there be peace on earth and good will towards all mankind! Until next time Lasco X

Friday, November 22, 2013

Race , Media and the American way.

To start out with, I am not a racist! I do however have opinions about race that might get me branded that due to the fact that I am honest and don't believe in being so politically correct that I shy away from certain topics. I believe that all men(as in mankind in general) are created equal in the sense that they deserve common courtesy and a decent level of respect. We all have our strengths and weaknesses in certain areas so we are not created equal in all ways but as far as basic human rights are concerned, people should be treated as equal. That being said , I will probably piss some people off with my comments but I , like everyone else is entitled to their opinion. In the past week or so the media is finally putting more focus on a thing they refer to as a dangerous "Game" called "Knockout". This is not a new phenomenon and has in fact been going on for a while. It involves people sucker punching an unsuspecting victim with the intent of knocking them out with one blow. The media tends to shy away from the fact that in almost all cases the people playing this "Game" are black/African American. They also don't focus on the fact that in almost all cases the victims are not. This is pretty clearly a case of Black on nonblack crime but the media is afraid to report that aspect. Heaven forbid a person of African decent is accused of a racially motivated crime! The simple fact that people have died from these assaults shows that this is no "Game"! What this is in many cases are hate crimes perpetrated by blacks on non-blacks. The media is afraid to say that, I am not as it is obvious to anyone looking at the video clips of the people laughing at the assaults. This "game" is going to start having bad backlashes in that people aren't going to take this sort of behavior and will start taking steps to defend themselves. This "Game" is going to cause even more distrust between blacks and non-blacks. And what will happen when kids playing this "game" start to end up dead on the streets because some potential victim took out their gun and killed the assailant? More than likely the black community will cry racism and whine about society treating them unfairly. Kids should not end up like Trayvon Martin because they are playing some "Game" , but as I said, this isn't a "Game" , its assault and people do have a right to defend themselves against unprovoked attacks. My Question on this is where is the black community in stepping up and trying to curb this behavior? Why hasn't the President stepped up and said this behavior is wrong? Ok , so he probably doesn't want to be associated with it and so he is hiding from the topic. Where are Jessie Jackson , Al Sharpton and other leaders of the black civil rights movement speaking out on this? Oprah was recently quoted as saying racists will have to die out , and actually I agree with her in that some old views will have to pass on with the people that cling to close minded ideals. But when a double standard like the leaders of the black communities hiding from issues like this so called "Game" and not speaking out against it are going to lead to a widening in the rift and increased bad feelings between blacks and non-blacks. Blacks will cry and whine racism when non-blacks cross the street when they see a group of blacks walking towards them but do you blame them if they are not wanting to get knocked out for simply not being black? Is that racist or is that just common sense! The black community can't have it both ways! You can't sit ideally by and allow members of the black community to stir up fear by senseless random attacks and then call racism when people show distrust towards blacks. Don't get me wrong ,most Americans of African decent that I have met are actually really decent people. I don't walk around in fear of people of a different skin tone than myself but as it stands right now I will be on my guard if I see a group of blacks walking towards me! It shouldn't be that way, but at this point it is what it is since I don't see anyone from the black community speaking out against this behavior. Hell , the media is too afraid to report it for what it is which is typical these days for the media. The media has become very slanted and biased in their reporting in the past decade. Basically if you are Male, White, Straight and Christian .. you are fair game for throwing dirt on and being discriminating against in the media. If you are nonwhite , gay, lesbian, transgendered , Muslim, an illegal alien or a woman then you can do no wrong and should not have a bad word said against you! The media needs to be less PC and more fair in their reporting! I am not saying racism doesn't exist in America and is not still an issue. It obviously does when you read the comments under the news reports regarding the so called "Knockout Game". What I am saying is that the media not reporting the race angle and hiding from it doesn't do anyone any good at all. The leaders of the black community ignoring and hiding from this issue only widen the divide of distrust between blacks and non-blacks. The media slanting their reporting out of fear of looking racist isn't right! People shouldn't walk away from crimes against others for the color of their skin no more than people should be prosecuted more severely because of it! The ratio of blacks in jail is highly disproportional to that of whites. Part of this is simply due to the fact that more blacks are in fact committing crimes but it is also due to the fact that in many instances white offenders are given more lenient sentencing. You also have seen some issues of black offenders walking away from crimes since the current presidential administration. The incident where the black panthers were intimidating voters being a prime example. Do you think for one instance if it had been a KKK member in a robe that Eric Holder would have buried the charges? I think not, but the media let it slide in that case. The media is fast to paint anyone opposing Obama's policies as angry racists who hate the President because he is half black but that isn't always the case. I didn't vote for Obama because #1 - he had very limited experience in politics and really did nothing of note prior to running, Also I was a strong Ron Paul supporter as he was the only person who treated our economic issues seriously and #2- In the second election I voted for Romney because I felt the economy needed a business man at the helm who had a proven track record of taking a state government out of the red and into the black by working across party lines. My vote wasn't racially motivated at all, but if you listen to the media then the people who didn't vote for Obama were racists! The fact that the media kissed Obama's ass and pushed him into the white house was not lost on everyone, just on the people who voted for him. The media went out of their way to make Romney look bad but Obama could do no wrong! Hell , I am not a racist but I am not afraid to say that Kanye Wests latest song that Kardashian went topless in just sucks ass out of fear of being labeled one! I suppose some might feel I am being harsh to him because of his race , but seriously , the song just sucks ass! It's not a racial thing at all, I actually like a lot of rap! I just think he is capable of doing so much better that his latest offering. The simple fact about racial relations in the USA is that we have come a long ways since the 50's and 60's. We still have a ways to go but in all honesty things are changing for the better. It doesn't help though when the media hides issues and the leaders of the black community stay silent when something that can widen the gap of distrust is happening. Sticking your head in the sand will not make issues that do have a racial element in them go away. I know part of it is being done out of fear of race relations backsliding on its gains over the past 50 years but in all honesty isn't it worse to spin it like it isn't happening? The media needs to be more honest , fair and balanced. No I am not shilling for fox as they have their slant as well! The best thing an individual can do is to look at a variety of sources for news and do the balancing act yourself. To do that people need to be honest and open to the information they receive but also smart enough to discern propaganda from fact. To many people stick themselves into a rut and blindly follow the path they are in because it is the easy thing to do, they don't have to think for themselves that way! That is not a very good way to make decisions and is a good way to end up in trouble by blindly following others. America was founded by free spirits that were not afraid to think for themselves and make their own minds up. Lets hope more people wake up to that fact and think for themselves rather than letting the media think for them. Until next time Lasco X

Sunday, November 10, 2013

The lies politicians say

America is in the harsh reality of the roll out of Obamacare , AKA the affordable health care act. To put it bluntly , we were lied to. Repeatedly we were told prices would go down and if you liked your insurance you could keep your insurance, nobody was going to take that away from you. The reality of the situation though is that people are losing their insurance in numbers far greater than have signed up for the program and costs have gone way up for many , if not most people. The government web site was a poorly designed piece of crap that failed miserably when it went online. We are now being promised it will be fixed by the end of the month but it should have never been rolled out without being properly tested in the first place. Security concerns abound regarding it as well. Privacy issues and the possibility of identity fraud are being highly questioned about it. I still remember Nancy Pelosi saying "We have to pass it to find out what's in it." as the Democrats pushed threw the bill. At the time I thought that was the most insulting and irresponsible statement I had ever heard come out of a politicians mouth. How her constituents keep voting her in to office is beyond my comprehension. So , How's that whole pass it to find out what's in it thing working out for them? I sure hope they take a hard look at this whole issue and it's effects before they vote for her again. They will probably just blindly go vote her in again like good little sheep but I hope not. The simple fact is that the left / democrats have blindly been following the false promises spoon fed to them and demonizing anyone who disagrees with them as being a racist narrow minded right wingers. They blame the Tea Party for paralyzing the government , but are oblivious to the damage and rampant unreasonable spending and incompetence their own party is doing. In fact it came out a little bit ago the democrats want to just do away with the debt limit all together. Sure why not ... I mean lets just put a brick on the gas pedal of the bus and point it at a cliff just so that the incumbents in office don't have to face a debate on spending and how badly they are driving us into unsustainable debt during an election year! They may want to blame the tea party faction for paralyzing government but it was the Obama administration that was trying to inflict the most pain it could during the shut down to scare everyone. Suddenly open air national monuments were fenced off , something that has never been done in any past shut downs. This not only cost money to do but pissed off large amounts of people. Veterans of our wars were not allowed to see the memorials but Obama opened up the national mall to let a group of illegals in for a rally on immigration reform! And the Democrats and the left wonder why a large percentage of the population believe Obama isn't looking out for Americas best interests? It's no wonder his numbers are in the tank for approval ratings. The cracks in the cult of Obama is starting to show. Finally the media is even starting to question what is going on. It helps after they have finally realized that the most "transparent administration in history"(that was what was promised to us, yet another lie) is nothing transparent at all. The left has also been silent on the rapidly deterioration of our civil liberties. If Bush was in office they would be crying bloody murder about it but since their man Obama is doing it they turn a blind eye as programs that monitor every move we make are implemented. The left is showing their blatant hypocrisy totally oblivious to the reality of the situation. Don't get me wrong , I am no fan of the hard right either. They are not blameless in this situation and have not been helping things get much better. I am not opposed to a reform in the national health care system but the parties are to busy pointing fingers and tugging on the rope to get control of power to do any of us the job we sent them up there for. Both parties are now blaming Ted Cruz and the tea party for all the issues. That's just an easy cop out though as it displaces the incompetence of the two major parties and directs it wrongly to someone else. Say what you will about Ted Cruz but at least he stood up and represented the people who sent him there! Too many other politicians are just representing special interests and big money. In time hopefully the issues with the AHA roll out will be fixed but I for one am not rushing out to sign up until I am sure the servers are secure, my privacy and medical records will remain private and out of the hands of identity thieves and you can actually get on to the web site in a timely manner. Some glitches are to be expected in a massive change up to the system like we are having forced on us but after spending over 100 + million on the web site the American people should expect more bang for the buck and have a system that wasn't so poorly designed. Frankly I want a big chunk of that 100 + million back as we the taxpayers should not have to pay the bill to fix it. We should be back-charging the incompetent people who made the original site to get it fixed. I am sure that will never happen due to the corruption and backscratching that goes on in Washington DC but it should! If the left and the Obama administration want to prove me wrong then by all means do it! Get our money back from the incompetent people who designed that site and pay for the fix! With the amount we spent on that piece of crap web site it should have worked! How much do you want to bet the money for the site went straight into people pockets and paid for luxury homes and items rather than website design! Will the administration demand an audit? Will they do what's right for the American people or will they shield their friends that took the money and ran? Time will tell but most people who watch the system with their eyes wide open and not threw blinders of hero worship and apathy already know the answer. Until next time Lasco X

Friday, May 24, 2013

Should we really be surprised?

It's been a while since I wrote last. Fortunately China got N. Korea back on the short leash and war in that neck of the woods was adverted. I'm sure we will hear from Little Kim's regime again at some point but for now things have calmed down there for the time being. It's time to look at the domestic scene in the USA once again. Looking at the recent news reports is discouraging but as the title of this post states... Should we really be surprised? The reports I am talking about are the following subjects. I am only going to hit on the broad strokes as there is plenty of news coverage to reference and I am looking more at the big picture. First up, apparently the IRS has been targeting conservative groups by slowing down their applications for tax exempt status and green lighting progressive (liberal) groups quickly. More over this was all going on prior to the last elections and was hidden from congress and the public. I guess that's one way to help ensure that the re-election of Obama took place. That isn't surprising as most the media is extremely liberal in their slant when reporting. The exception to that rule is talk radio , in that area the conservatives rule the airwaves. Maybe that is getting reported more now that another major headline broke that several reporters had their emails accessed and phones records pulled. Warrantless wiretapping has been going on for far to long in the name of "protecting our freedoms and keeping us safe" Now maybe the liberal media will pull their heads out of their asses and start being a little more vigilant about our civil liberties. The justice department is justifying this action because they were searching for leaks. Somehow I don't think they were looking for the leaks that made Obama look good like when all the Bin Laden stuff came out. Another headline lately is Benghazi items are coming back up. The democrats blame it on the republicans trying to make things look bad and affect the 2014 elections but lets get serious. Day after day right after the 9-11-2012 attack on the embassy we were repeatedly told it was due to a video on You tube and not related to terrorism. Nothing could have been farther from the truth but that was the story the administration was force feeding us. Now after the elections are over and Kathy Crowley's lopsided debate monitoring has faded in the distance with it's damage in the history books Benghazi might now actually get the investigation it deserves. The media seems to drag its feet when they want to help manipulate an outcome of events in the direction they desire. All of those headlines help demonstrate the hard push to the left that is using tactics that are deceptive in the least and outright illegal in the worst. Not the type of things expected from what was promised was going to be the "Most transparent administration in history" Hell, we haven't even been able to see Obama's collage transcripts and such as they were locked down and hidden away. Could that be due to the fact as the right wing conspiracy theorists claim that Barry Soetoro went to collage with aid grants to foreign students? I'm not saying that's accurate by any means but I do question why his stuff was locked up so quick after the election. The only thing I do know for a fact is that the media thrust Obama into office giving him rock star status and pushed style and image over substance. But then again , in this society that is materialistic and image conscious , should we really be surprised by that? Another thing I know is that the affordable health care act (or Obama care) is proving to be anything but "affordable"! Rates seem to be rising quickly and the systems are not in place to implement the plan that starts to take effect this coming year. That's what happens when you push threw legislation that "We have to pass to find out what's in it!" (Thanks ever so much Nancy Pelosi) It didn't matter that at least half the country didn't want it , that didn't matter. What I do know is that next year if I don't want to get fined on my taxes I need to buy health insurance I can't afford! We will have to see if things actually push threw on it in 2014 or if it will be pushed back due to the fact the systems aren't in place to implement the program. Also on the domestic front we now have the summer price increase in gas costs just in time for memorial day weekend. Prices have increased roughly 50 cents a gallon in the last two weeks for no other reason than they can raise them. Once again ... should we really be surprised. Hopefully the things I discussed will all come to light and the truth, the actual truth will see the light of day. Hopefully if people in charge used the power entrusted to them in a wrongful manner they will be held responsible for their actions. The American people deserve that. Until next time Lasco X