Sunday, February 12, 2017

The Left is getting out of controll

The events since the election have really spiraled out of control. To the  shock and dismay of many , Donald Trump was elected president. The left and the cult of Clinton were left rattled to the bone as the election turned in favor of Trump. Immediately those to the left started casting blame on backwards uneducated racist misogynistic males and self hating women whom ignorantly voted in favor of Trump. Maybe though the left should have looked in the mirror to see the reason that Trump won the election.

 First,  look at the media that was firmly, even blatantly biased towards Clinton from the very beginning. They eagerly glossed over the many issues with Clinton such as the Private Email server, the bleach bit erasing of the mass Emails that were under congressional order to be turned over. The media served Hillary up as the smartest , most qualified woman in the world and then allowed her to give a bimbo like answer of " You mean like, with a cloth" when asked if she had her personal sever wiped down. The bias of the media was obvious in the debates as the media outlets lobbed softballs to the Democrats and then went after the Republicans and tried to get them to turn on each other. It was the media that helped build up Trump over the more qualified candidates in the primary elections. The media offered up a bunch of free coverage to Trump in the primaries and help tear down the other more qualified republican candidates as it was reasoned that Trump would be easy to take out in the General election. The media figured that Trump would easily self implode or that they would be able to manipulate a media bombshells to defeat him.
 The media manipulation was blatant to anyone objectively looking at it. Things like the meeting with Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch were glossed over.   It didn't matter that within days of that meeting , all Emails related to the Clinton Foundation were sealed for roughly two years. Evidence that might have exposed a pay for play scheme would not see the light of day until well after the election. As the WikiLeaks papers came streaming out, the media downplayed the revelations coming forth. Things like the DNC swaying thing towards Clinton and away from Bernie Sanders were downplayed. The media chose more to focus on the leak and blaming the Russians rather than the information coming out. The funny thing was , we didn't hear any denials about the information coming out, just the outrage that the information saw the light of day.
 Going into election night the media was certain that the winner would be Hillary. After all , they had done their due diligence to ensure that she was going to win. As the election night wore on and it became apparent that Trump was going to take the election their whole demeanor changed as their plan to push Clinton into the White house blew up in their face. The media looked shell shocked as the results came in and Trump was declared to be the winner of the electoral collage. Had camp Clinton not ignored the rust belt and had not just assumed that the Blue wall would hold in the union controlled industrial belt she would have won. The simple fact that the Democrats had left that region  ignored, not just during the election but for the past eight years as employment languished and withered away, was totally lost on the Democratic powers that be. Instead it was blamed on FBI director Comey bringing up the fact that other evidence had surfaced close to the election. In fact everyone was blamed except for the candidate herself. It wasn't Comeys fault there was evidence there to look at in the first place, that fault lay in Clintons lap. To the Democrats and the cult of Clinton the long list of baggage their candidate carried was nothing. To the rest of America it mattered.

    Second , a lot of Americans didn't appreciate being called an irredeemable basket of deplorables.  Basically anyone that wasn't in camp Clinton was 1- a Nazi, 2- A misogynist , 3- A racist , 4- an illiterate backwards fuck , 5- A member of the KKK , 6- An old white person clinging to the past, 7- A woman hating pussy grabber , 8- A gay hating bigot. These were just some of the names bestowed on anyone that was not a Democrat Clintonite. The fact that people just didn't like Hillary because she appeared to be totally in the pocket of big business, wall street, foreign interests and  was the epitome of establishment politics didn't matter. The left just branded anyone one disagreeing with them one of many hateful names. Just for the record , the Nazis sprang from the National Socialist German workers Party - They were socialists. Misogynists come in all Political affiliations , can you say Bill Clinton and John Kennedy. Racists come in all flavors and colors as well, people forget that the KKK was the militant wing of the Southern Democratic Party. The Democrats have done a good job of trying to affiliate the KKK with Republicans but its history is firmly in the Decorates house. There is no doubt that many people voting for Trump were white but he also polled surprisingly well with other demographics as well.  When it comes to Trumps statements regarding woman , granted they were bad, but where is the lefts outrage regarding the acts of Bill Clinton, he doesn't exactly have the cleanest record in regards to women. I am not totally clear on Trumps stance where it comes to gays, but I think its a whole lot more liberal than they give him credit for.  Bottom line is that the left did themselves no favors when they alienated the independent voters and insulted a large part of the population.

 The left simply forgot the dynamics of pendulum politics. The farther you push the pendulum one direction , the harder and farther it pushes the other direction. Project Veritas exposed the left on stirring up issues at Trumps rallies,  but you didn't need to rely on just those , the mainstream media and you tube showed the violent actions of the left. The funny thing was though is that was skewed by the media to be all Trump's and Trump supporters fault. The left was painted as innocent in all things.  Is it really a surprise that so many Americans voted in a backlash against what was perceived by many as a full on assault against traditional values from the previous 8 years.  Police have been demonized during the past administration. While I don't support the full on militarization of many of the departments , and there does need to be civil restraints and protections of personal freedoms, still Americans do need to respect the rule of law. When you think about the last administration lighting up the White house in Purple for the passing of Prince and going Rainbow colors for the passing of Gay marriage it sends a really bad message when the refusal to light the White house up in Blue to honor the assassinated officers in Dallas was reported. Would it have been such a bad thing to say , yes , we support law enforcement in light of this heinous attack .

 The left also shot themselves in the foot by the massive over reaction to everything Trump.  I haven't seen this type of Hysteria since the days of Reefer Madness. The overblown reactions to any and everything Trump does is just over the top.  A word to celebrities who feel they need to expound every chance they get to bash Trump and the Republicans, the vast amount of people really don't give a shit what you think. Yes your entitled to your opinion, I am all for free speech, but we really don't care what rich elitist people who don't live in the real world think.  Just watch as the ratings on awards shows tank this year because people don't want to hear the incessant whining and overblown rhetoric of the left. I am not in favor of everything Trump is doing, but Washington needed to be shaken up a bit and Hillary certainly wasn't the person to do it.

 The left has the right to voice decent, and protest. It doesn't have the right to shit on everyone else and disregard the law in the process. The left tends to live in an echo chamber, they only want to hear what they themselves say and think. As Churchill Said " Some peoples idea of free speech is that they are free to say what ever they like but if anyone says anything back, that is an outrage."

 We can only hope that reason will win out from all sides. America is a great country. There are many that say America was never great, they are wrong. America is a great country. Trump ran on make America great again. Personally I think it can be better and stronger but I still think the USA was already a great country. Trump is right to work to bring industry back to the USA. Our economic base has been under assault for decades and we need to reverse that. Immigration does need to be enforced , we have existing laws that are just being ignored. A short moratorium on immigration from known terrorist counties isn't the end of the world.  Securing the Southern boarder is not a bad thing. People act like its the end of the free world just because Trump was elected but its not. People are still free to disagree and say so publicly. When Obama was elected anyone saying anything against his policies was immediately branded a racist. The left loves to brand anyone disagreeing with them a Racist or Nazi. It's been my observation that often the left is actually far more intolerant at times then the right.

 This country doesn't need division, we need to work together.  There are plenty of dangers in the world without us bickering within. America will survive Trump and life will go on. What the left needs to understand is that Trump was elected because people were voting against Clinton, they were voting against a media propaganda machine and the DNC that was trying to fix an election, they were voting against the status quo of being promise the same thing every four years and nothing being done about it, they were voting against the willful ignoring of immigration laws. People were tired of politics as usual and that's what got Trump into the Whitehouse.

 People can say , "Not my President" all they want, but honestly, if you are a citizen of the USA , he is.                                         
                                Like it or not , that's the way it is.