Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy Birthday America , to bad your representation in Washington doesn't give a crap.

 As the post's title implies , I am not a happy camper this morning. The 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays as it celebrates the birth of one of the greatest nations to grace the face of the planet. What makes America great is the freedoms we have and the diversity of peoples that inhabit it. I am not against immigration , this nation is a nation of immigrants and the wide range of cultures we have has contributed to its greatness.
  Currently though , we do have a problem with wide spread illegal immigration. Basically , the flooding of people across our southern border.  Much of this latest flood has been caused by our so called leaders in Washington DC total disregard for our nations laws. This country has laws regarding immigration that should work if enforced. The problem is , they have not been enforced and in fact the Obama administration had been keeping ICE officials at bay, in effect telling them to just not do their job and enforce the laws that are there to help protect this country.
  If you think that is an over statement consider that most of the 9-11 hijackers were in this country illegally and past their visa limits , had they been located back then and kicked out of the country we might not have had the tragedy of Sept. 11th .
 So what does that have to do with protecting this country from the current wave of immigrants?   After all , aren't they just children coming from harsh areas? Lets just ignore our laws ... do it for the children!  Yeah , RIGHT! That's the oldest and lamest trick in the book and yet people are falling for it hook line and sinker!
   It's been reported that not only are the people streaming in across our southern border show a blatant disregard for our laws they actually expect us to just take care of them once they get across the line. We also have obvious gang members in the ranks coming with the current wave. These are people  who will have no regard for our laws once they infiltrate into society. Along with the lawlessness of some, we have people coming in carrying diseases that are communicable. That in it's self is a national health risk. Then there is the issue of the financial burden dealing with this engineered mess. And yes , it has been engineered! Our politicians have basically invited them in with their lame self serving policies as they talked amnesty (in the form of immigration reform) . And why were they doing that, in part I admit our immigration policies could use a little reform but had the laws been enforced all along then we would not have had the issues causing the problems that need to be fixed in the first place. The politicians mainly have been talking reform to get the Latino vote! Its primarily been the Democrats doing it but the Republicans are guilty of this pandering as well.
 It never fails , the politicians talk reform /amnesty and there is a wave of people at the border flooding in. It's bullshit and the people in Washington should know it , they are suppose to be smart but to often they are just vote mongering leaches who are more concerned with getting re-elected and keeping a job that in their eyes elevates them above the little / common people.
 We have  Pelosi talking that we should use it as an opportunity to help all gods children. But, she apparently doesn't care about the unborn gods children that she is so willing to abort at the drop of a hat now is she? On that issue she is all about a woman's right to chose over "God's Children".
 We have Sheila Jackson Lee bringing lollypops to the kids and saying they pose no threat ... lets just ignore the economic impact , the diseases some carry or the fact that people are renting kids to get into the country by pretending they are families just so they can get into the country and the fact that some have gang affiliations.
  The simple fact is we have a lot of politicians in Washington DC right now that aren't doing their jobs and should not have the honor and privilege of representing us simply because they aren't representing us. They are pandering to special interest groups and catering to people who are not even in the country legally and have no intention of respecting our laws to begin with.

  So Happy Birthday America, In my opinion you deserve better than the leaders you currently have. This is an election year , don't forget to get rid of the people in government that don't represent you and pander to people they shouldn't!
    Until next time