Wednesday, February 17, 2010

How is that hope and Change thing?

So how is that hope and change thing working out for you? Let's see what change we have going on around us. The global warming train has almost been completely derailed after the supposed consensus has fallen apart following the computer hack of the Emails reveling a systematic cheating of the data. The reports of the Himalayan glacier melts were also exposed to be faulty , hell , lets just call it what it was , it was made up! The faults in the data was known prior to the huge Copenhagen summit but the UN pushed ahead with it anyway. The man who helped cover up the data in the Email scandal even finally had to admit that there has been no global warming since 1995 and that it was warmer during the medieval period then in the recent past. Score one for reason over hysteria as the Global Warming camp goes back to the drawing board to figure a way to convince all of us that lying to obtain the desired goal they want is in our best interests.

Next, we have a change in the war strategy. As we scale down Iraq we are intensifying in Afghanistan. Honestly, we should have concentrated our efforts in finishing the job there before they went blazing into Iraq. We had the opportunity to go after Bin Laden and his cohorts right after 9-11 but the Bush administration was set on leap frogging into Iraq. We also have the rumblings of expanding the war effort into Iran to curb the nuclear program there. It pisses me off that Halburton is reported to have sold centrifuges to Iran that were capable of enriching uranium back in the late 90's. I guess that's one way to ensure job security for the military industrial complex. I don't want to sound like I'm soft on National defence, I'm not! I just believe that we shouldn't make problems for ourselves down the road so that a few can profit from the misery of others.

The economy is changing, we continue to get a weaker dollar as out of control spending on pork projects continues to eat away at our children's future. Let's be honest though, it's going to affect us sooner than passing it on to our kids, we will see it's effects just around the corner if we don't correct the problems now. We have Nancy Pelosi flying around on military flights costing us millions in tax payer dollars. Oh yes, we are also apparently paying for a well stocked bar on those flights as well. Isn't Pelosi a millionaire in her own right? HEY NANCY! BUY YOUR OWN DAMN PLANE AND FLY ON YOUR OWN DIME YOU SELFISH BITCH! Sorry, but I'm scraping to get by. My tax dollars don't need to pay for her to fly around the country and world drinking and living it up in the guise of representing the people!

The political landscape is about to change. The Republicans are poised to regain several seats in the upcoming elections. I don't know if this will be a good thing or not or just more business as usual political shell game. We will have to see what happens and who runs for the seats.

Do we have hope? We have some. More people are waking up every day. More people are getting pissed off at politicians padding their pockets and helping the special interests that own them. Hopefully this will translate to a more informed voter base in the next election. Will it, I really don't know. I hope so. With that being said I guess I'll wrap up this rant by just saying that I hope everyone is doing OK out there. It's tough out there but it's times like these that tests people characters.

Have a good one, until next time