Sunday, March 24, 2013

Rumblings on the horizon

This past week a new video was released from North Korea. It depicted a "Glorious assault on South Korea" where the North's victory was certainly assured. This is just the latest fantasy videos from North Korea since the first of the year. These videos are basically propaganda pieces for the North Korean audiences to bolster their own self esteem. Outside of North Korea they are not taken very seriously at all. First off, in the latest video depiction the barrage the north unleashes would probably deplete their ammunition supply rather quickly. Granted they have been stocking up on ammunition instead of buying food to feed their people but that is the least of their worries. The video fails to show the resistance they would encounter. In the North Korean version they run across the border unimpeded and capture 150,000 American P.O.W.s and easily capture the cities of the south. The video doesn't depict the ashes the North Korean capital Pyongyang will be left in if they try this assault. I am sure Little Kim - Kim Jong Un isn't a total fool, at least I would hope not because if it hasn't occurred to him before he better realize we will come gunning for him personally. Where the North Koreans see a glorious leader, leading their army and country, most of the rest of the world looks at him like a young man who is seriously in over his head and is in danger of leading his country into the worst mistake of his short life. The worst thing Kim Jong Un could do right now is believe his own propaganda. Can North Korea unleash it's army and kill a few million people to the south of him? Probably so but it will cost him his own life and most of his soldiers as well. He may feel like a bad ass because they have developed a nuclear weapon but if he seriously pisses off the people who invented nuclear warfare in the first place he could possibly see the end of North Korea as the world knows it. I am by no means urging for the total destruction of North Korea, nobody in the U.S.A wants to see or do that. Believe it or not, deep down we are a peace loving people. I know it doesn't seem that way, especially if your outside the U.S.A. looking in after the past ten years. Quite frankly we would love to see the North Korean leadership pull it's head out of its ass and learn to live peacefully in the world. The masses in North Korea have no idea how good their neighbors in South Korea live. Surely they must have some understanding of how poverty stricken their country is. When people are starving while Little Kim lives fat and happy doesn't that tell them anything? Probably not as they are fed the state sponsored propaganda pieces. The main problem as I see it is that there is very legitimate desperation in North Korea. This desperation can be harnessed for great evil and unleashed to do great harm. If North Korea is foolish enough to attack South Korea and the Americans who help hold the lines at the demilitarized zone there is no real winner in that scenario. Millions of innocent civilians on both sides of the border will suffer and take the brunt of an attack. If Kim and the Generals that pull his strings while they let him think he is charge seriously think they can pull this off they are only kidding themselves! They could make things better in their country just by dropping the highly militarized stance and joining the world community in peaceful trade. If they think they can take it by force they will be scraped off the pavement and concrete of shattered bunkers by the flesh eating creatures of the world. North Korea has been a thorn in the side of the U.S.A for a long time and frankly we are a little tired of it. We are tired of penny antae dictators that prefer to starve their own people and rattle sabers at us. The U.S.A. has no great desire to go back to war with North Korea. We have been trying to have a peaceful coexistence with them since the ceasefire. If the North attacks we are likely to put an end to this issue once and for all. Hopefully Kim and his generals will realize this and show some restraint. Just because the giant shows restraint as the little guy hurls his threats and puffs up his chest doesn't mean the giant is afraid or incapable of swatting the smaller guy to the ground and taking him out! Kim and the Koreans might think China and Russia will back him up but honestly he is a pain in their asses as well. If China really wanted to help Korea don't you think they would have aided them into an economic recovery by now? It doesn't really benefit China for a war to be unleashed in that area. I suppose they could try and use it as a proxy war to weaken the U.S.A but that would be a massive mistake in the long run. China and the U.S.A. actually do have many common interests and mutually benefit from each other. The simple fact is that the only reason North Korea hasn't been already wiped out is because of China. We respect that but if China can't keep North Korea on its short leash the U.S.A. will do what it has to regardless. War should always be a last resort! Nobody truly wins from war. War is bloody and cruel, its senseless killing and destruction! To wish for war is to wish for death! The apparent reason from this show of propaganda from North Korea is to gain more leniency in the United Nations sanctions. I mean god forbid they actually give up their nuclear weapons program to get the same result! Nationalism in all it's forms is dangerous. We are a small world with a lot of people on it. We are the human race but yet we don't always work together as a family. It's an old story from the dawn of time unfortunately. Ultimately it generally boils down to a few people at the tops of governments acting in greedy interests waging the wars at the expense of the masses. It's sad but true that the shepherds of the world often lead their flocks to slaughter for their own gain. Let's hope that North Korea isn't foolish enough to go down this path. Their are some in the world that want a WW3 scenario to reshape the geopolitics of the world. Those people are greedy fools who have no regard for life and worship money and power. Those people sit behind the scenes and prod people like Kim and North Korea to do stupid things. They wag proxy wars in various countries across the globe and profit from both sides of a conflict. The live in countries all over the globe and are represented in all races and creeds. They are the petty power brokers of the world who guide the paths of the many for their own greedy gains and they really don't care who or how many they kill in the process. They are mostly invisible to the masses as they prefer to work behind the scenes and let others get their hands dirty. We shouldn't allow ourselves to be played by people like this though they are masters of the game and know how to pull the strings to make the puppets jump threw the hoops. It's important we try not to play the games that lead to world war. We live in volatile times as the middle east simmers and now North Korea threatens war. Economic turmoil's are boiling as well across the globe which add to the mix. When you combine the economic woes of the world with religious conflict and toss in a healthy dose of nationalism in various parts of the world as well as the quest for energy to power the daily life and development it makes for a very volatile mixture. Lets all just hope nobody is foolish enough to strike a match. Until Next time Lasco X

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Same old same old politics as usual

The sequester deadline came and went with no action to stop it so here comes the cuts. Did it have to come to this? The simple answer is that no it didn't. We shouldn't be to surprised that our politicians would just keep driving towards the cliff in the name of partisin politics like they have been for years. I watched an interview with Romney this morning where he said that he felt Obama had missed a golden oppertunity to fix this nations problems over the past few months since the election. I actually have to agree with him. I also agree with the assessment that Obama seem's more like he is still campaining and trying to shove his agenda down the throats of the American public rather than to work for solutions. Don't get me wrong, I feel that the republicains are also to blame in this mess that we are in. They have dug in thier heels about no new taxes. I personally agree that we do need to close some loop holes in the tax system to collect more revenue but I also feel we should rework the tax system to promote business and make it more attractive for business to be done state side instead of pushing industry and manufacturing off shore. One of the main reasons the Republicains are digging in thier heels though is that time after time they have been promised spending cuts for small tax increases to only get more taxes and no spending cuts. America has more of a spending problem then a revenue problem. Doubling down on the national debt is not the answer. Stopping the rampant spending that leads to borrowing money from foriegn entities to prop up the system is the real answer. When I read that Obama waited until Thursday to have a short photo op and then a minor meeting the day the sequester was to go into effect with the Republicains that accomplished nothing at all, it pissed me off! That is not leadership, that is partisan politics at it's best. It's speculated that Obama wants to have the hardships placed on this country just so he can blame the Republicains. It's not that far of a streach concidering we have heard for the last four years it was all Bushes fault! I am not saying that Bush didn't play his part in the economic problems facing this country, but so did the Democrates as they pushed Fannie and Freddy to do loans that were unwise and unrecoverable that led to the housing bubble. Both parties played a hand in where we are now when they deregulated the banking industry and set us up for the fall. Whats heartbreaking is they just keep doing the same old same old point the finger agross the isle and say its thier fault. Well, frankly I have two middle fingers , one for each party so I say a big FU to both of them! I mean seriously, If the leaders in Washington can't extract thier heads from thier rear ends to work out these issues for the good of the country what good are they! If Obama wants America to go threw hardships just to make the Repulicains look bad then we elected the wrong man to office! If Romney had won, I bet we wouldn't have hit the sequester deadline with nothing being done to fix the problem. Romney had a track record for working with the opposition and fixing the problem. He took a state that was in the red and reached across the isle to a house that had a democrat majority and when he left office the state was back in the black! He had promised that on day one he would start on working on the economic issues plaugeing our country and I belive he would have. What have we seen from Obama? Well we have seen the NRA's predictions of him pushing for gun controll come about within the first 90 days, We have seen him alienate the Republicains as he trys too villianise them as he positions for the 2014 elections so they can get a congressional majority to rubber stamp his wishes. It didn't work in the first two years of his first term when they were in controll of both houses, why does he think it will work this time? Can we afford the BS of stalemating the issues for another 2 years just to let the Democrates have a second try at it. I don't think so. Obamacare that consumed most of the resorces of the first term of Obama is now turning out to cost more than projected. Insurance rates are going up and are not slowing down. Many employers are holding off hiring and limiting hours on others to try and circumvent the insurance requirements. Granted that the ever increasing cost of medical services are a major spending issue this country faces it certainly doesn't help when a hospital charges you 18$ for a 30 cent tab of tylanol. Had more time and energy been spent during the first term of Obama fixing the economy and lowering the debt we could have been in better shape now and many of societys problems might have worked themselves out with a healthy privite sector. I don't blame Obama for pushing his agenda but if he gets to bogged down in it like he did pushing Obama care threw the economy can't handle it. He has been a great boost to the fire arms industry as people stock up thier supplies. I will give him that one. The liberals seem hell bent on restricting guns and have been on a full court press on the issue. Like New York ramrodding restrictions limiting magazines to 7 shells knowing full well nobody makes 7 shell magazines. That harkens back to when Pot was legal if you had a licence , but they just would not issue licenses. Its an old trick , say you can but you relly can't. It's just another form of Orwellian double speak at it's finest. Personally I support the NRA because when guns are outlawed , only outlaws will have guns. Also, if the police budgets are going to be slashed due to political fear mongering then I damn sure want my gun handy to protect my house. There has been plenty of fear mongering lately , like why let 2000 illegal immigrants slated for deportation go and not just put them on a plane back to where ever they came from. Wouldn't that have made more sence then letting them go? Hey Janet Reno .. If they were awaiting deportation WTF are you doing letting them go back into the American population? Sure it makes a good fear laced headline but nobody is blaming the Republicans for your stupidity of letting them go and not sending them out of the country. Thats on this administration for not leading and getting our finacial issues fixed! I just don't get it. But then again I am not a politician either,I belive in meaning what you say and saying what you mean instead of telling people what they want to hear or what they fear just to get a few more years dipping into the public dole and then retire with a nice pension. This country doesn't need same old same old politics! We don't need finger pointing and fear mongering! We need people who actually work across the isle's and come up with solutions! Personally I think the finger pointing and fear mongering will come back to bite the democrates in the ass. We really don't need to be waiting on the parties to self destruct or destroy each other though. The old saying .. united we stand , divided we fall is as true today as it was back then. It's time to check the ego's at the door and get to work in Washington. Let's all just hope the politicians there extract thier heads from thier asses and wake up and smell the coffee before they break the system beyond repair with all the in fighting and partisan politics! Until next time Lasco X