Saturday, May 8, 2010

Back again

So it's been a while since my last rant. That's a good thing concidering it's because I have been busy working. I basically had to create my own job by going independant contractor and workmens compensation exempt. So now I'm doing the same thing, working for one of my old contacts but now I get no future unemployment benifits, no coverage from workmens compensation insurance and will be laid off as soon as the current job runs it's course. On the positive side of things I'm self employed and money is coming in from private sorces rather then sucking on the government tit of unemployment insurance. Actually, I'm glad I have unemployment insurance to fall back on when this job runs out and I won't next year, but it is nice to be working again. In this economy, you do what you have to if you want to eat and pay bills.
Since my last rant the Democrates rammed threw health care reform and have their sites now set on immigration reform. How much details are they going to hid from the public and how many bribes to congressmen to get that passed is anyones guess. Concidering the hidden costs and outright millions that were given in pork to get votes on the health care reform we can see how the immigration reform will be played out. This coming from the most "Transparent" congress and administration in years. I hope some comman sense plays out with this issue , but realistically it might not if they ram it threw.
Europes economy is in near crisis mode as Greece's default on thier debt is shaking the Euro. The reprocussions will shake the world economy and the crys for a new world currancy will be again coming up. The problems across the pond are going to show up over here as well and pose a serious threat to the fragile economic recovery in the USA. How serious a threat remains to be seen but as Rahm recently said "It's a shame to let any crisis go to waste.
Bottom line is the elite of the world still play thier games as the rest of us hang on and try to survive. Sooner or later the let them eat cake will come back to haunt them as the masses revolt. The real question is how much crap the masses are ready to consume before they have had enough.
Well with the chaos of grandkids visiting I'm logging out,Keep hanging on out there.
Untill next time
Lasco X